Metalo frezavimas CNC staklėmis

Powder coating

Powder coating is a common process for metal parts finishing, which is often chosen by the metalworking industry. Powder coating is distinguished by the fact that dry and loose powder paints are used during the process instead of liquid paints. Powder coating provides a smooth finish of metal items for easy maintenance in the future.

Why it is worth choosing powder coating?

  • Protects the surface from rust;
  • Contains no toxic substances;
  • Many options to choose from;
  • The longest-lasting colours;
  • Extremely long-lasting coating layer;
  • Contains no harmful volatile organic compounds;
  • A much thicker layer can be applied with than using common liquid paint;
  • Economic use of paint;
  • Paint is recycled when needed;
  • Production that is less harmful to the environment compared to the production of liquid paint;
  • Extremely resistant to cracking, scratching, chipping, scratching, and fading;
  • Suitable for steel, galvanized metal, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, lead, etc.;
  • Perfectly and completely covers any parts;
  • Protects the surface from UV rays.

Choose us:

In our production, powder coating is a frequently used process for the final processing of parts, therefore our many years’ experience allows us to choose and communicate only with reliable and time-tested partners providing powder coating-related services. Due to an extensive network of these partners, we are able to offer fast and professional services while ensuring timely and high-quality production.

We also offer other surface coating processes:

  • Electroplating;
  • E-coating (KTL);
  • Chrome plating/passivation.

Additional surface treatment processes:

  • Cleaning of parts: removal of burrs, grinding, directional grinding (stainless steel).